Company Information

Attention to Details is located in Brandon, FL and services the Hillsborough County area. This husband and wife team, Anthony & Nicole Johnson, has over 6 years of car detailing experience. With an eye for filth, our vision is to provide you with a cleaner commute, healthier lifestyle, and a good look. Car exteriors make a statement and car interiors tell a story.  We want to help you make the right statement, and tell the right story.


What Is A Mobile Detailing Service?

Auto Detailing is a car cleaning service for your car.  Depending on what is desired for the car, services can include a simply wash and wax with a wipe down of the car interior to headlight restoration and attention to small details such as cleaning the seat belt, trunk, headliner, and gas caps.  Most vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and restored to like new conditions for both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Afterwards, the car is simply maintained based on the time and funds of the vehicle owner.  Depending on how poorly maintained the vehicle was to begin with, not all vehicles can be restored to like new conditions as certain stains simply cannot be lifted.  Auto Detailing is does not include car repairs or body corrective work.

Are We A Self-Contained Mobile Detailing Service?

We are currently not self-contained.  In order to order our packages we will need access to both a water source and electricity.

Who Needs Detailing Services?

Anyone who cares about the value of their vehicle, people who are trying to sell their cars, families with children or pets, rental car companies, limousine companies, used car companies, Uber/Lyft or taxi drivers, and any company who specialized in transporting the public.

What Are My Payment Options?

We accept cash or Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards.  At this time we do not accept checks.

Do You Have Any Payment Plans?

We currently do not offer any payment plans.  Payment for any auto detailing services or packages are due upon completion of services.

Will My Vehicle Look Brand New?

No.  Just remember that while our specialists will do all they can to make your car as like new as possible. However, there may be instances where pet hair, odors, or stains can not be fully removed.

Are there any additional fees?

If a car is extremely dirty or neglected there will be an additional fee depending on car size.  This would include trash everywhere, badly stained seats, carpets or rugs, dried gum, etc.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

Give us a Call At 813-501-3745 or visit the Contact Page.

What Can I Do To Prepare To Have My Car Serviced?

Remove any personal items from the car that you do not want to be touched or thrown out by our specialists. When our specialist arrives, let them know if there are any areas that you would like them to concentrate on.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Click Here For Our Terms and Conditions.

How Do I know My Vehicle Needs Detailing?

Please see the following link for an article on how to know when its time for a detailing.