Full Car Detail Package

If a clean home is a happy home for the family within, then a clean car improves both your happiness and the happiness of others watching you drive by. Are you ready to join the clean ride club? You’ve come to the right car detailing place!

We don’t mind giving the prices of our car detailing services online. Why? We have nothing to hide because our prices will always be consistent. Therefore, you will find a list of our car detailing packages along with prices below.

However If you want a deal, you may want to check out our specials to see if we have any discounts or special packages. Click here to see our current running specials. Also, if there is a service that you are curious about, please give us a call at 804-415-7550 and we will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Full Detail*
Small – $145.99     Standard – $159.99     Large – $174.99     X-Large – $189.99

  • Paint & emblems hand washed
  • Car is hand dried
  • Bug Scrub
  • Wax Applied
  • Rims, Tires, and wheel arches cleaned
  • Tires are dressed with a water based dressing
  • Water based trim dressing applied
  • Exterior & Interior Glass is cleaned
  • Vacuum
  • Dusting
  • Trim Cleaning
  • Dressing for Interior Trim
  • Door Jamb Cleaning
  • Vent Cleaning
  • Center Console & Cup Holders Cleaning
  • Steering Wheel & Dash Cleaning
  • Pillar Cleaning
  • Seat Cleaning (Cloth or Leather)
  • Leather Conditioning (If Applicable)
  • Stain Removal*
  • Rugs and Carpet Cleaning


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Additional Services*
Odor Removal* – $75.00

We remove Smoke, vomit, must or any other smell first with steam cleaning then an ozone generator. Of course, the Ozone generator will run in the vehicle for different times depending on vehicle size and odor strength. After, the vehicle must be aired out with doors open for at least an hour before re-entering the vehicle for safety.

Pet Hair Removal – $35.00

Of course, we have a service for fur babies as well! Also, For all those pet lovers whose pet goes everywhere. Therefore, We remove the pet hair from seats, carpets and other places to give you and your pet a cleaner pet hair free ride.

Headliner Cleaning- $25.00

The headliner (inside roof of your vehicle) is gently steam cleaned to remove stains and marks. However, some stains may not come out completely. For example, depending on stain type and how long the stain has been sitting there stains may lighten but not completely disappear.

Trim Restoration- $55.00

Black faded trim on the exterior of the vehicle is darkened to give the car a renewed look.

Headlight Restoration- $65

Foggy headlights are cleared for better visibility at night. Click here to see what this looks like!

Engine Bay Cleaning- $45

Engine bay is cleaned for better presentation. The engine bay is cleared from any debris and its components are degreased, cleaned, and protected.

*Prices shown are for moderately dirty vehicles. Therefore, prices may go up for extremely difficult vehicles. You will be notified of any price increases before work is started after a specialist arrives on site and assesses the vehicle condition. Unfortunately, there may be instances where stains will not completely lift.  While we will do all we can to remove the stain  as much as possible, please understand that some stains will not be completely removed. Depending on Odor type and how long the source of the odor has been baking in the sun, the smell may not be completely lifted although it will be greatly reduced.

We are proud of our work and would be more than happy to make your car one of the cleanest cars in the Jacksonville, FL area. So then, are you ready to take the next step in having a clean ride? Click here to schedule an appointment with us! However, if you are still on the fence, click here to see videos of our work.