Interior Car Cleaning & Interior Detailing Package

We spend most of our time admiring our vehicles from the inside, better make it a pretty view.

Interior Disinfection**
Small – $79.99     Standard – $89.99     Large – $109.99     X-Large – $119.99

While supplies last, we are offering a limited time interior car cleaning & disinfection service! Many people are concerned about how to safely disinfect their vehicles with the rise of covid cases in Florida. Since basic disinfecting products are hard to find on the shelves in the grocery store, our disinfection package can help reduce the transmission of viruses and bacteria. After months of research, we have found a product that we are proud to use in the vehicles of our customers. This package includes everything in the interior plus package PLUS the use of a contact germ fogger. This product is effective, yet gentle on car interior surfaces. For information about cleaning covid in the car, please see the CDC guidelines for disinfecting non emergency vehicles. To learn more about the product that we use to disinfect your vehicle, please click here.

Interior Plus*
Small – $49.99     Standard – $59.99     Large – $79.99     X-Large – $89.99
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Interior Dusting
  • Interior Trim Cleaning
  • Interior Glass Cleaning
  • Interior Trim Dressing
  • Door Jamb Cleaning
  • Vent Steam Cleaning
  • Center Console & Cup Holders Cleaning
  • Steering Wheel & Dash Cleaning
  • Pillar Cleaning
  • Shampoo Seats (Cloth or Leather)
  • Leather Conditioning (If Applicable)
  • Stain Removal*
  • Shampoo Rugs and Carpet

Not Convinced? Click here to see videos of our work!

Additional Services*

Odor Removal – $70.00 Smoke, vomit, must or any other smell is removed with steam cleaning and an ozone generator.  Ozone generator will run in the vehicle different times depending on vehicle size.  After, vehicle must be aired out with doors open for at least an hour before re-entering the vehicle.

Pet Hair Removal – $35.00 For all those pet lovers whose pet goes everywhere. We remove the pet hair from seats, carpets and other places to give you and your pet a cleaner pet hair free ride.

Headliner – $20.00 The headliner (inside roof of your vehicle) is gently steam cleaned to remove as many stains and marks. (Some stains may not come out depending on stain type and how long the stain has been sitting there).

*Prices DO NOT include taxes. Prices may go up for extremely difficult vehicles. You will be notified of any price increases before work is started once a specialist arrives on site and assesses the vehicle condition. Prices shown are for moderately dirty vehicles. Please call us for more information. There may be instances where stains will not completely lift.  While we will do all we can to remove the stain  as much as possible, please understand that some stains will not be completely removed. Depending on Odor type, the smell may not be completely lifted although it will be greatly reduced.
**Package will last while supplies last