What is the difference between a car wash car detailing?

Car wash, car detailing, which are which? They are both grossly misused terms by many businesses. Often we see many companies offering car detailing services only to find that they only offer hand car washing.  These two terms are not the same.

Car wash car detailing
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A car wash focuses mainly on the exterior of your car. It generally the process of applying detergent to the car exterior which will lift and remove dirt and grime. This is the most basic car cleaning you can achieve. Most people can do this themselves if they have time. All you really need is  a good detergent, water, and elbow grease. Some businesses offer to vacuum, dust, or include wax. Therefore, a car wash is great for maintenance, and great for the wallet. We also offer car maintenance packages. Please call us for more information at 813-501-3745. Yet, sometimes a simply surface clean is not enough.

Car detailing focuses on the details of the vehicle. A simple car wash is not going to keep your car free from all containments.  For example, car paint may have iron spots on your car paint, tree sap, the headlights may be yellow, etc. For the car interior, daily use cause build up on cloth, vinyl and leather. Leather requires conditioning so as to not crack from the brutal heat. Also, it takes time to shampoo the seats, carpet, buttons, vents and more!  In summary, car detailing is a deep cleaning of your vehicle.

If you find you don’t have the expertise, the health, or time for car wash, car detailing yourself, call us today and we will come to you. So how do you know which service you need and what are some tips to help maintain your vehicle between detailing services? Click the links to find out more.